The story of KARIUS & BAKTUS has become a classic in countries spanning three different continents.


The play tells the story of the two naughty germs, Karius & Baktus, who live inside a tooth-cavity in the mouth of a little boy called Jack, who loves sweets but hates brushing his teeth...


The play is aimed at Reception Class and up to Year 5.

The time when children’s permanent teeth erupt is the ideal age for oral health education.

The play takes 35min in performance. At the end there is a Q&A for a further 15min to consolidate the learning.

Schools receive our Teachers’ Packs before the performance, and each child gets a Dental Health Card to take home.

I thought they would struggle to sit for so long but they all loved it so much. My daughter is 8 years old and still remembers this from nursery 5 years ago!

Shacklewell Primary School - Hackney

What an absolutely BRILLIANT way to create awareness of oral hygiene! We thoroughly enjoyed it. The children have been very enthusiastic about brushing their teeth, eating healthy, etc.

Five Elms Primary School - Barking & Dagenham



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KARIUS & BAKTUS by Thorbjorn Egner

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