Following a successful 2009 tour of the borough, Little Troll return to Waltham Forest primary schools with their new play THE TROLL’S GROTTO, written by Ragga Gudrun, with animations by Stephen Irwin, set & costumes by Carlos Cortes, original soundtrack by Craig Vear and sound design by Keith Forbes.

The play takes 45min in performance, post show discussions of 15min take place after each show.

The tour is funded by Awards for All England and the Egill Skallagrimsson fund.

The play is set in modern day Iceland, telling the story of a misanthrope she-troll who lives in a cave at the roots of a melting glacier. When her cave gets flooded, the grumpy old troll storms into the nearest town to demand help from the humans living there.

The show is accompanied by projected animations and a fusion of a recorded and live soundtrack, creating glaciers, animal-life and windy weather in a production that is exotic and entertaining as well as educational.

The play is aimed at 8-12-year-old children (Year 3-6).

About the show
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THE TROLL’S GROTTO by Ragga Gudrun

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