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KARIUS & BAKTUS  Testimonials

Teachers’ comments about the Karius & Baktus show:

A really nice show! Thank goodness there is funding for projects like this. The actors were great with the children. (St Francis RC Primary School, Southwark)

I thought it was excellent – the children were very engaged. The quality of your resources was excellent – I loved the big projector at the back. (Candice Saunders – St John the Divine Primary, Lambeth)

A Great performance. Fantastic interaction with the children. Great use of language. Appropriate for all the ages that it was aimed at. (Sonja – Walnut Tree Walk Primary, Lambeth)

It was pitched perfectly for the level of the children (Nursery to Year 2) and enabled the children to consolidate their learning about healthy lifestyles. The children thoroughly enjoyed the play, as did the staff. It was not only very informative, but entertaining with great special effects, costumes and set design. I would highly recommend this performance to other schools. (St Mary's RC Primary School - Kensington)

A fun way to learn about healthy teeth – what to eat, how to brush and not to be afraid of a dentist. Brilliant acting, visuals and sound. Children were captivated (Fred Ali - Nightingale Primary, Hackney)

Very well organised. Excellent idea to have Q+A session at the end. Very enjoyable for young children. Thank you. (Lucy Aletti – Deputy Head – Herbert Morrison Primary, Lambeth)

Delivery very much engaged the children and made them apply their knowledge about teeth and healthy eating. Really visual + entertaining. They really enjoyed it, thank you very much! (Lisa Bacon – Foxfield Primary Schools, Greenwich)

Kept students engaged the whole time with lots of ‘funny times’. Dialogue was effective and simple. Question time was great. (Halena – Riverside Primary, Southwark)

Well done for you! Great performance. I believe that children had not only a lot of fun but also learned something! (Dominica Stasiau)

Excellently performed – children keen to shout out answers and participate. (St John the Divine Primary School, Lambeth)

A fantastic performance that the children and adults enjoyed. Thank you! (Ms P. Harris – St Peter’s CofE Primary, Southwark)

Very enjoyable, it kept the children really focused and engaged. I think they learnt a lot. (Alice Neill-Hall – Cathedral Primary School, Southwark)

Very fun and engaging. Kept pupils interested and entertained. Very enjoyable. Thank you. (S. Smith – St John and St Clements, Southwark)

Thank you for organising this wonderful presentation performed by a lovely team. The children had a lot of fun and took on board the important lesson about teeth.
Keep up the great work (Peter and all at St Thomas More Primary)

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