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KARIUS & BAKTUS  Tour history

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About Karius & Baktus
Tour history 
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Karius & Baktus
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Little Troll began its journey in Hackney in 2006 with a showcase of KARIUS & BAKTUS - a dental health play that has become a classic in countries spanning three different continents. The company managed to score double funding for the showcase, and expanded to Newham, where children had at the time the highest levels of tooth-decay in England. We worked closely with the Newham HEALTHY SCHOOLS to identify where the project would make the most impact. Little Troll helped the Minister of Health, Rosie Winterton, launch the national campaign, “Brushing for Life” in partnership with the Newham NHS. 

Karius & Baktus was endorsed by the British Dental Health Foundation and has seen Little Troll partnering with Sure Start, “Healthy Schools” and the NHS in 14 London boroughs. From 2007-10 it was funded by the BIG LOTTERY FUND, Reaching Communities to tour East, North and South London, one year in each region. The project was extremely well received by children.